Participant Assistance and Care

Participant Assistance and Care (PAC) services support and enable the participant in activities of daily living, self-care, and mobility with the hands-on assistance, prompting, reminders, supervision, and monitoring needed to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of the participant. This service is available to people with developmental disabilities through the following funding source: FS Medicaid waiver.

  • Assistance with personal care, meals, shopping, errands, scheduling appointments, chores, and leisure activities (excluding the provision of transportation)
  • Assistance with mobility – including but not limited to transfers, ambulation, use of assistance devices
  • Assistance with correspondence and bill-paying
  • Escorting the participant to community activities and appointments
  • Supervision and monitoring of the participant
  • Reinforcement of behavioral support
  • Adherence to risk plans
  • Reinforcement of principle of health and safety
  • Completion of task list